Entrance Ticket in Hoi An Ancient Town

Ticket booth in Hoi An Old Town.

Ticket booth in Hoi An Old Town.

For preserving, managing purposes, since 1995, the People’s Committee of Hoi An city have been issued the ticket package for everyone visiting the Old Town of this city. The ticket costs 80,000 VND for the native and 120,000 VND for the foreigners (each person, each visit, ticket valid for 24 hours). And that included all the street in the Old Town, watching art performances and participating in games, night market.

Moreover, the ticket also included for you to visit 6 out of 22 sightseeing spots (4/22 with native) that consists of museums, ancient houses, Chinese Assembly Halls, Handicraft workshop and traditional arts performances.

  • Japanese Bridge, Cẩm Phô Communal House, Minh Hương Communal, House of Tụy Tiên Đường, Quan Công Temple.
  • Museums: History and Culture, Trade Ceramics, Sa Huỳnh Culture, Folk Culture.
  • Old houses: Quân Thắng, Đức An, Phung Hung, Tran Family’s Chapel, Tan Ky, Nguyễn Tường Family’s Chapel.
  • Chinese Assembly Halls: Trieu Chau, Quang Dong, Phuc Kien.
  • Handicraft workshop and traditional arts performance, XQ Hội An.
  • Ancient tombs of Japanese traders: Mr Gu Sokukun, Mr Tani Yajirobei, Mr Banjiro.

In addition, there is a ticket package for visiting Thanh Ha Pottery Village included all the activities fee that cost 25,000 VND/person.

You can easily find and buy the ticket at checkpoints located on various entry points into the Hoi An Old Town.